curved knives swords because main FFXI Gil weapon melee warrior

Fencing with disabilities is usually a sword, dagger, straight sword, curved knives swords because main FFXI Gil weapon melee warrior. Sword attack types are split into “Slash” and “thrusting” two-line, good weapon skills to create a flame properties technology and other special attacks, no matter what style of monster could be resourceful to handle combat. Use a shield, the main single-handed combat will depend on light fighter could become protective companion heavy fighters, the usage of shields to attract the enemy and become the standard side of human shields.

Warlock gun when using the “thrusting” and “spear” categories of weapons, expand the wide range of professional soldiers attack, responding on the weapon of, along with thrusting, and also also resorted to slash combat and other rich attack action, and also some Gun resorted to cast long distances, for example guns and other ways of combat. Another long-distance attacks are offered also ahead of the enemy to address, features a variety of skills, for instance enhanced morale attack specialized skills, and also complete like “leg sweep” Such skill in the team is quite suitable as damage output character.

Using traditional supporter gladiator fighting technique, several exercise fists as weapons, in addition to the extension of punches “fighting” about the enemy smashed. Is able to use to attract the enemy’s attention, “cast wheel chairs” as a secondary weapon.Attack types are split up into attack based “offensive” and avoidance based “defense”, the usage of special footwork and gas production timing attacks, inside the use FF 14 Gil of cunning and skill packed filled with explosive opponent, attacking short distance, defense low return surely could play within reach of rival high mobility. According attack type conversion is usually resourceful within the ranks.

In “Cheap FFXI Gil” world, tax is usually considered pirates using traditional weapons, but also in many different large-scale war and Monster Crusade, a warlock named ax hero can also be often seen in much. Their attack is best defense, conditions huge ax to destroy the enemy’s shield and stun opponents. The warrior has a maximum output of the outbreak, may utilize “throw ax.”Warlock ax inside the team’s role as being the situation got reversed, while charge while observing the fighting, saw time resorted factor to fighting ax warlock.

Bow and arrow as the main weapon to be expanded long-range sniper shot with music career, good weapons, including longbow archers, along with the traditional short bow hunters, etc., can also use the catapult on the enemy damage. they features a tactical high requirements, from defense to find out fighting to ensure a great position, and in accordance with various attributes arrow opponents to attack. Enemy approaches should make good using their “flair” of moves to flee the other person. In the matter of an opponent blockade do not know their actions to aid teams win. The teams play a supporting position. wsxyuhggie60

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