since i have always bank my gold ore since I am not 99 smithing yet

The battle requires you to definitely mine the ore, not hoard it. For the pickaxe to incinerate the ore, you’ll want mined it first. It only makes 07 Rs Gold sense for it to count. I’d say the adze has to be fixed instead.Task requires one to mine and fork over the ore meaning you have to keep hold of it. I simply found any time you employ the imcando pickaxe with a mining challenge the incinerate effect still counts the ore for completing the challenge even though the ore is destroyed thus it is possible to’t switch it in. This shouldn’t be working by doing this considering if you use the inferno adze the logs it burns isn’t going to count towards completing task.

I do think this has to be fixed soon as this could pose a problem with other mining challenges.This is the reason they made it to ensure the adze burning the log won’t count towards completing the battle.Regarding having stockpile ore I do have it since i have always bank my gold ore since I am not 99 smithing yet. But withal it’s still a difficulty that shouldn’t exist.I was from the lava mines area (died a couple times), and that i finally destroyed each of the cannons. But I used to be from food along with the stupid monsters killed me before I could truthfully get in the minecart.I returned again with an increase of food and somehow caused it to be in to the minecart. (The constantly spawning monsters make a serious bother).

But then I used to be just taken away from mines where I started…Wasn’t I supposed to be chasing those 2 dwarves? I’ve got not a clue where the other dwarves are, but I don’t think I wound up in the right place…I seriously don’t care about spoilers lol. I personally don’t like quests I simply skip the dialogue Rs 07 Gold and speed through asap to the rewards.But even though I skipped a cut scene… Shouldn’t I’ve found themselves somewhere where I could actually do that the main quest?The very same thing happened in my experience in the quest. When i got in the minecart I had been back beyond your entrance (which was actually good because I had been out of food). Upon going back into the cave again after restocking I went directly to the spot with all the memories, maybe it’s going to be a similar for you personally? ##wsxyuie69


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