Their generals and soldiers should also show some kind of character

Honestly, I think it’s far too early lorewise, gamewise, and statistics-cognizant of get two popular runescape gold to fight it out until one dies. I’d prefer it to occur sometime, but there needs to be major precautions beforehand.So that you can prevent another case such as this, there needs to be pre-planned small events to why don’t we bounce back known with both gods over the various period of time. A couple of quests that let us intermingle using forces, to find out their beliefs or intentions.I wouldn’t make it a requirement, but I do believe individuals who do such events might get a RS Gold from the scoreboard if it is a point-calculation battle.We knew a lot of Saradomin therefore little of Zamorak quest wise.Next, mechanics, is simple.

The last battle just wound up showing us the score of both teams. People knew by day one already that Zamorak would not manage to take some initiative over Saradomin, nontheless win.I do believe that mechanics should atleast be hidden from view to make certain anonymity, and extreme losing factions get yourself a hidden bonus to have to the stage but I’m sure other better suggestions were given because of the community.Finally, is lore. Gods must be fleshed out. We already know their Order/Neutral/Chaotic alignment but Good/Neutral/Evil is extremely randomized. Knowing their story before Gielinor would be nice expectations/opinions about going-on events can be awesome.

Their generals and soldiers should also show some kind of character. Kree’Arra and Zilyana are so full-clad in comparison to K’ril and Graardor.Then, the natural characters of Gielinor could give their opinions in regards to the gods from Zanik (We all know already) to Sir Amik Varze about Armadyl.Well, apparently WE2 is Bandos Vs Armadyl, as well as the loser -will- die.Sadly, I’m sure its pretty obvious who’s going to lose. I’m sure Bandos have to be the smallest amount of supported of the gods [except possibly for your ‘joke’ gods, like Marimbo and Brassica Prime], so goodbye to Bandos.I do believe merely a Cheap 07 Rs Gold who is completely decimated within an event should die. (Say a 90/10% loss or something like that simular). Or whenever they continuously lose they could die (or willingly chose to leave gielinor). 8gjaljo838

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