It only is sensible that he’d be overprotective

From what we happen to be assigned until now in lore, Varian carries a fierce distrust and hatred of whatever has become Horde. He even offers a fierce, unwavering devotion and passion for his wow gold— Anduin is undoubtedly among the highest priorities in Varian’s life. Realistically, this probably is caused by some kind of deep-seated abandonment issues — everyone Varian has ever loved as part of his life may be systematically ripped far from him. It only is sensible that he’d be overprotective, also it definitely adds up that it would produce inevitable clashes with Anduin as they tries to ascertain his independence.

From Theramore, Varian found that Garrosh Hellscream along with the Horde are a lot more clever than originally estimated. He learned that despite his fierce hatred on the Horde, he cannot afford to easily throw Alliance armies at it and hope who’s would fall. He previously to look at the tactics of patience and observation, to make certain there would be no needless deaths inside upcoming war. Varian is often a tactician, he isn’t merely a mindless barbarian. Which is the reason his actions post-5.1 make not much sense.

A parent focused on his son’s welfare would not simply let him wander the world after he’d nearly gotten himself killed. A father witnessing the near-death of his son won’t simply say “Alright, let’s go conserve the dwarves now.” We have been presented with a situation in Blood in the Snow through which Varian is attempting to enlist the aid of the dwarves, presumably to fight Garrosh — however it is never made clear. And that insufficient rage at Garrosh Hellscream, that not enough reference to Anduin’s well-being post 5.1 is particularly unnerving, because it simply doesn’t match Varian’s character the way it has been presented currently. *98iuh12

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