Most low-level npc civilians think he’s exactly the bee’s knees

The characters:

Saradomin- God of order and supposed righteousness. Most low-level npc civilians think he’s exactly the bee’s knees, but could he’s got a dark side.Batman counterpart- Harvey Dent, The hero Gotham needs 2007 runescape accounts at this time, though most of the people don’t have clue how dark he is.

Zamarok- God of chaos and destruction, though much of his chaos seems to manifest itself inside a different kind of order, ie black knights, vampyres, monks of zamorak. Portrayed as blatantly evil by many simple minded npcs.Batman counterpart- Gotham underworld. They offer the foil for Harvey Dent very much like Zammy gives Sara. Also worth noting: the Harvey Dent Act crushes much of the underworld, symbolic of Sara’s win in BoL.

Bandos- Big High God of war, believes in strength over-all else. Has many mindless slaves/follower npcs.Batman counterpart- Bane. Immensely strong member of the League of Shadows, rules his henchmen with an iron fist. Similar philosophy to Bandos, just more eloquent about this.

Armadyl- God of justice possesses wings. Supposedly only fights from reluctance. Loses his followers due to Zamorak.Batman counterpart- Batman. Vigilante who acts as judge, jury, and executioner. Doesn’t believe in killing if he doesn’t should. Winged symbolism everywhere. Loses his parents as a result of criminals.

Sliske- A smart mahjarrat who employs chaos and deception in everything he is doing. Turns the gods against the other and appears to enjoy every second of computer.Batman counterpart- The Joker, the chaotic, insane foil of Batman, who have remarkably complex plans and just wants to shake some misconception in Gotham runescape gold. *95pjijl6

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