Their role remains crucial in this plan

It is time to organize!Bandosians are fighting in type of a disorganized manner. That’s not me praoclaiming that there aren’t FCs which might be having good success on certain worlds, nevertheless the FC’s aren’t really conversing with eachother. The Armadyl aligned 07 rs gold players don’t have the need for organization. They were given numbers. But to counter that, we’d like strategy.Unlike the Battle of Lumbridge, The Bird plus the Beast just isn’t a popularity contest, despite you whiners for the Bandosian side and turncoats on the Armadylan side. This battle is around caravans and capturing building sites.

There are plenty of servers where Armadyl’s forces have build buildings and left them unattended and since those worlds have low populations, nobody bothers them as well as the NPCs do all of the work. Whatever propose is we pay at the very least some care about these low population worlds rather than let Armadyl’s forces have them with out a fight. We end up needing a roving band of creating demolishers and another roving band of of builders to patrol low population worlds. Since F2P can only destroy and repair buildings, it is as much as people that have paid membership to erect buildings on F2P and Members worlds. Who volunteers?

Destroying Armadylan buildings and erecting buildings of our own own might help our caravans somewhat, but after that really help are dedicated categories of diviners that follow caravans around. This will likely accelerate divine energy collection and minimize any time a caravan is subjected to attack. I do believe this can be most effective on worlds which might be halfway busy, even so the effort would be wasted on low population and high population worlds. So, we want volunteers here too!

Of course there are the established FCs which have been rampaging through their chosen worlds. Their role remains crucial in this plan, as they are good runescape 2007 gold at distracting the Armadylan masses from the everybody else. For anyone who is unsure about which FC to join or if you’re looking to PK or RP, join one of these brilliant FCs and kick some Armadyl tailfeathers! *75pjijl6

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