Perhaps he dramatically possesses Azzanadra?

In short, the point that he’s going to look different per player is ludicrous. You would like to excellent concept art. Apply it. It generally seems to me that Zaros’s body not being canon relegates him to your position of irrelevance, as have been observed before about the forums.The quest can involve constructing a physique for Zaros, but ultimately, in spite of player choice, events transpire that force Zaros to consider some other body in the quest’s conclusion. Perhaps he dramatically possesses Azzanadra?

That might be fascinating, and it also would maintain your single most compelling character from fading into obscurity and, what’s worst, prevent his very appearance from degenerating into non-canonical storylines.My main point being which i don’t think it’s fair to discriminate against Zarosians by other factions to make the decision how our lord materializes. Because you wish to express your dislike for Zaros inside quest doesn’t mean you should be in a position to ultimately influence his appearance and power.

Again, we’d no say in Saradomin’s standby time with the Wand of Resurrection, even though the illusion associated with preference was still being fun. Let anti-Zarosians curse at Zaros and attempt to undermine him, just keep your ultimate result (comparable to Guthix’s death in TWW) the same for overall consistency. Wipe out/maim gods during World Events and/or even the final Sixth Age quest, where there is nothing more rs accounts to express. Not throughout their first step back onto takes place. *75pjijl6

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