He will either supply you with nothing

Just about the most common scams is that someone offer around 200k on your full rune set. You display the total rune anf the husband shows the 200k inside trade window. After you accept the trade, He’ll be sneaky and add a supplementary item like black legs or something like that, and you will probably think it’s cool and accept the trade, so boom! You possessed sold your full rune set for 20k and black legs.

You are now wondering, what had happened? Here is what happened. When he added on the black legs, he also took away 180k as you were studying the black legs, and you had no idea it cause 20k still looks a lot like 200k if you don’t pay close attention.
here some scams you careful:

Common Scam is the fact someone will be selling a rune 2 hander for 25k you will notice the rune 2 hander inside trade window, and that he will see the 25k, you can accept the trade then he’ll decline it saying, “Oops, my bad” after which he’s going to trade you again offering a steel 2 hander or mith 2 hander, then boom! You bought sometimes a steel 2 hander or maybe a mith 2 hander for 25k.

Other scams are that many people offer free gem cutting or free smithing after which take your items, and run. If they are a high level character than the itrrrs likely that he is not a scammer, when he has low levels, then stay clear of him.Major Concern is Price Scamming is lots of people will scam your items for the best prices. Particularly with noobs, Read the forums for general prices prior to selling something or check around 1st.and someone offer to offer a Runescape are the cause of runescape gold coins or items.

You will pay the ball player with the account, and he’ll pull off together with your money. He will either supply you with nothing, or maybe a account to some noob account he just created.lastscam is that someone ought you to drop stuff during trades, only trade in the trade window.Scam is the fact that someone will show you to go something thus hitting alt+f4 to copy the item. Pretty much everything does is closes your web browser and logs get you started. Anf the husband are certain to get them which you drop. *p0968sa

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