“FIFA 14″ from the league select the above richer

” professional Evolution football 2014 ” the most crucial focus is intended theme gimmick or fresh adopted FOX engine, additionally working at Hideo Kojima ‘s “Metal Gear Solid ” in the latest series . in the ” professional Evolution football 2014 ” the primary jiffy , you can easliy terribly clearly begin to see the sport players contours with the face and muscles , bump and various specifics of the performance is incredibly true, at the least for the contact sport has already been excellent the opposite, and also the player moves , clothes, shoes, field and various details also are Shangqie to satisfactory performance .

That “fifa 14″ it ? The graphics have additionally been some enhancements, however overall , “Cheap FIFA Coins” and prior to a distinction isn’t nice . however at the very least provde the person’s face isn’t coated that has a layer of wax feeling.As usual , “FIFA 14″ from the league select the above richer. with this year , as EA’s licensing policy , ” professional Evolution football 2014 ” were required to convey up numerous components of European clubs and stadiums, however still retains an additional for the eu tournament .

The “fifa 14″ has quite thirty leagues, 600 clubs and sixteen,000 players. Ea ending ! additionally , “fifa 14″ there square measure distinctive modes , players will perpetually realize through these modes for his or her own , in distinction, ” professional Evolution football 2014 ” model built to create individuals not therefore supposed.”GTA5″ is the fact this year’s sale of merely one game, players and far media attention, and acknowledge, GTA5 sales are among English game sales charts, however currently additionally welcome from the players FIFA14 counter-attack was made, and beat GTA5 bit habitat England 1 week game sales chart. djfls0lw

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