I finished the tournament that develops annually prior to a World Cup

30 years ago he was named Footballer of the season in their country. Later, he became coach, leading the MFK Kosice the league title in 1997 and 1998.Both technicians outgoing Griga and Hipp, both exfutbolistas also took on the national team in May 2012 but are yet to achieved the expected results, winning just two on the six matches in qualifying with the 2014 World Cup.Both were fired in mid-June, using a tie (1-1) in Liechtenstein, which practically ended the Slovak selection options to maintain Brazil next season.The supreme World football body (FIFA Coins) Brazil informed him that things should improve for an additional World Cup and called their organization inside Confederations Cup developing a seven.

I finished the tournament that develops annually prior to a World Cup, it noted some flaws and improvements they are going to increase the risk for host country, per year following biggest sporting event for the globe.FIFA called to Brazil, with seven beyond 10, through the organization with the Confederations Cup.The football test passed, being crowned champion by defeating Spain 3-0, but were several questions inside organization.FIFA issued no flaws which may have the wedding. “The tests were Successes because we determine what should be improved and this which has been good” stated President Joseph Blatter.But among journalists, fans while other people who attended the Confederations Cup determine what will be the points that Brazilians should improve within a year when it begins the planet earth Cup.

The entrances to your stadium, it’s impossible of transport for being agreed to the courts. One case was at Arecife in Pernambuco Arena that could host five matches and World Cup where fans must walk almost one kilometer in the spot which the strategies to transport leaves.Another issue that airports were at a loss for tourists, in case the World Cup will be tripled the number of people traveling within Brazil. Within individual stages, we noted deficiency of infrastructure publicly toilets, food stalls as well the courts are not in a very great state.Another weakness was the insecurity in hotels; the Spanish team was someone who were robbed into their concentration.12 months following 2014 World Cup, Brazil will improve several points for great organization of sporting event we know. 9&68ka


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