Will people manage to customise their ships or anything?

It could try to be an incredibly cool activity. We’d passion for our players in order to talk with the action as well as get connected to the city irrespective of where they were. What if you had just a little app on the iPhone enabling you to still signing in to runescape gold, still speak to your friends, think about the prices within the Grand Exchange, those sorts of things? It might be other methods if you are to be connected to their avatar although they’re not sat when in front of their PC in your house, and this could be awesome stuff to complete. So, first proper reveal during the day. We are currently focusing on two skills. We’re focusing on a gathering skill.Will people manage to customise their ships or anything?

When i state gathering skill I mean things like mining, woodcutting or items like runecrafting where you are gathering the type of material, after which another skill which can be similar to a finishing skill or a production skill once we contact them where you’re doing cool things, making a new challenge to work with in the game. Those two skills probably won’t necessarily be linked together. I’m not considering a whole new mining and smithing but it really’s that sort of thing. We’re taking a look at a brand new gathering skill and a new production skill and each of those are usually in development right this moment, and perhaps they are also for this whole alter in lore we ‘ve got planned for the coming year.

No sailing currently, but don’t forget we accomplish Player-Owned Ports that is going to be you, constructing a port, attracting captains, varying your ships, building a crew, sending your ships away and off to seek out specific factors and certain adventures. Whilst you yourself aren’t actually on the ship doing things, you’ll arrive at wave in their eyes and they also’ll give back cool little messages when they pass. We’ve been having a great deal of fun recently, creatively discovering cool names for ships or discovering technology permitting players to make their particular ship names and the ones forms of things. I’m not intending to do just about anything like sailing at the moment but player-owned ports is sort of the initial step therein direction. lou340sa

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