you’ll be able to contribute hardly any DPS while healing

Flying Serpent Kick features a a lot of open uses. First, by pressing the keybind again while flying, you can land in the middle of your enemies, dealing damage and slowing them. Not impressed? You may also put it to use when swimming in the middle of the ocean to try to return to land, by jumping out of the water and FSKing. It’s being a less effective Water Walking that’s only usable every 25 seconds. Chi Wave will recover and forth between friends and foes, healing your mates, hurting your foes, and causing you to look awesome to get a sweet multitasker for being in a position to heal and DPS as well.

Expel Harm Normally, heals aren’t something which I typically call exciting or cool, unless they’re the whole awesomeness that’s Healing Rain. This is also true given the relative homogenization of healer classes in Cataclysm and also the existence of the healing holy trinity. Expel Harm isn’t your normal heal. Instead, what Expel Harm does is heal you for just a bit of world of warcraft gold, after which it does 100% of the healing done to the closest enemy target as damage. For anyone who is DPSing therefore you must heal up after boss AoE, it can be done while dealing injury to the boss. For anyone who is a mistweaver who have it glyphed, you’ll be able to contribute hardly any DPS while healing.

Chi Wave Chi Wave is a lot like Chain Heal, if Chain Heal ended up being developed eight years later, did 50 % of its healing as damage, and made you the coolest monk with the baseball. Consuming 2 chi and castable every 6 seconds within the latest beta build, Chi Wave is cast using one target, friend or foe. It heals your friend and harms your foe. After that it bounces from friend to foe, and then again from foe to friend, until it’s got bounced a complete of 5 times. Imagine, basically, that you will be playing Pong. On one side are your buddies, and also the other side will be your enemy. tpth0jg

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