So you have dinged level 85 on the death knight

I hardly value Swift Zulian Panther, haven’t run Zul’Gurub since 4.3 in any respect.Paladins are the solo instance kings for some time now, from BRD to Onyxia to Blood Furnace, but there could possibly be a whole new contender in town. Felblood contact us that his level 80 Death Knight (In my opinion it is his Armory page) has soloed one of my personal favorite instances, Zul’Gurub, going from the snake boss completely to Hakkar with just his character.Full stock ! Buy wow gold to all servers. buy wow gold with 100% lowest price. Wow gold delivered within 5-15 mins. Enjoy so cool trading here!

The snake boss, according to him, was easy, a nuke. The bat boss Jeklik silences, and a few of his resists failed on her behalf, so she got some healing off, but she still dropped. Panther and spider took place fine, although spider’s webbing apparently kept him from healing as well — being silenced, he couldn’t cast disease, so Death wow gold Strike didn’t heal. Bloodlord Mandokir was up-date gold super tough, apparently — I can imagine that watching could be pretty nuts during that. On Thekal, the tiger boss, his problem was he was killing too quickly: the boss would get ressed when one of the adds died early. Eventually he just brought them right down to 50% then just nuked full-scale, and also the second phase was easy.

So you have dinged level 85 on the death knight. And Hakkar was anticlimactic — he just basically tanked and spanked. He attempted to anti-magic the Blood Syphons, they didn’t heal for much, so he just wailed on Hakkar until he was the last one standing. Quite feat. Course, at level 80, he buy wow gold was 20 levels above where this 20 man instance was can be, so we probably haven’t seen the end from the level 60 content being soloed. However it seems that Death Knights are almost more equipped than Paladins to take down several of the raid content on their own. gf79po0


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