As well as had a thought for the little follower to parade around behind you

Unlock the chests of Treasure Hunter between Friday 11th April 01:00 BST and Tuesday 15th April 00:59 BST to face a possibility of winning Heartfreezer amulets. Get help converting this to your standard time. The amulets will probably be stripped away from Treasure Hunter after that time. However, those you’ve already won will continue as part of your inventory all of which will work until depleted. And then, they will always be worn as cosmetic items.

Everyone gets a minimum of one Key per day, and cheap rs gold members get two. You can generate more through gameplay – go to the wiki to learn how, and then for full details of Treasure Hunter itself.You can purchase Keys on our billing page, redeem Bonds in-game, or click ‘Buy Keys’ inside Treasure Hunter interface.

As well as had a thought for the little follower to parade around behind you when you explore Gielinor? Maybe you’ve wanted a companion puppy, an agreeable monkey, or some strange creature from beyond the dawn of time that’s your entire own idea? Now’s your opportunity!

This exciting competition gives you the chance to include a whole new pet to RuneScape. Whether you draw it, ensure it is or simply describe it, the thing is perfect for that you design an incredible RuneScape pet that is available via Solomon’s Country store!

It might be just about anything – your imaginations are the only limit – just consider which the size your pet must be much like those already in game, and befitting RuneScape. When shortlisting pets, consideration will have to be taken whether or not or you cannot your pet is feasible to be included within the game. gf79po0

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