What’s the fastest solution to 80 from 75?

What’s the fastest solution to 80 from 75? We are a druid and I are already tanking randoms since 15, possibly at 75 I’m noticing that I only get like 5-8% exp every run i always do. today i have done 10 runs I started out at 48% exp and from now on my business is at 91%. Is questing faster? Why not consider pvp?Along the route some Dungeons and particularly the methods with Quests. Generally I’d wear the Dungeon queue as DPS and quest while waiting.

My sample size wasn’t substantial but I’m pretty sure they’re irreverent in BGs, after 10 BGs with heirlooms on and 10 together off I recorded the identical % of total experience in any event. in short, wow gold sale,the mess the thing is that now in 80-84 especially is precisely as people predicted a faulty Bracket Scaling would bring, because scaling benefits was the only thing that kept the fewer level and lower geared characters alive, you can basically chuck the Wrath PvP gear (higher priced as opposed to Cata PvP gear btw) inside the bin, it’s essentially useless now.

I’d have tested more but this is from 78-80 and involving the questing in between the 20th BG leveled me. could the Bracket Scaling Gone Bad from 5.2 several 80’s by MoP pieces weren’t the issue, it absolutely was and has become more 83-84’s covered in Green + MoP Gear (with all the Blue pieces even having sockets) along with the Pandaria Profession levels and their insane bonusses (in most cases four times the Cata bonus) being to get a large part at 80 (oddly, as Cata levels can be purchased at 75). wyntbp07h

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