This mini-game is the best experience for members

Buy some black armor (the whole set), complete with a black scimitar. Black metal is the better thing you possibly can wield right now, which enables it to be purchased for just five thousand Cheap runescape gold, for the very most. Scimitars are the preferred style of weapons, as they are a combination of speed and strength.laterhave the boots and cash on the Stronghold of Security under the barbarian village (bring food), and get the security gloves through the Stronghold of Player Safety in Edgeville.Resume the Barbarian Village, then go south on the river. Some evil trees might attack you- just keep walking.

You might reach a gated in area. Follow on the fence south, then east, till you get to the gate and kill cows (lvl 2) here. Unlike chickens, cows can injure you. Eat anytime your hp lvl falls below 10 then Bury their bones and maintain beef and cowhides.After u do every one of the free quests and became part make certain that your combat level is incorporated in the 60’s.Buy who you are a dragon longsword after completing Lost City and go to Port Sarim, whereby you are able to require a ship towards the Pest Control island.

This mini-game is the best experience for members. You will get xp for killing monsters, as well as a redeemable-for-experience token to redeem with a Void Knight. Also, should you win, you get a amount of cash (amount is the combat level X 10). Go straight to the portals, and kill possibly possible prior to a game is over. Play Pest Control until your Attack and defense levels are 70 plus your strength is 80. Another really fast method for XP is always to complete the Creature Of Frankenstein quest and kill the level 25 experiments, they have 100 HP so that you get 400 XP per kill. wyntbp07h

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