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It isn’t really overpowered with the way the skills are tiered. So if you might pick magma wave, magma trap bug, and sulfurus smash then that could be OP. As it’s now it’s magma wave, magma trap, and Sons or Flamethrower. Basically choosing magma wave/trap takes out a large chunk of Rag’s crazy hard hits and only more utility. This makes for the good pet in some comps although not OP. Even though it is not intuitive, the consistency sticking with the same abilities makes me think maybe it’s supposed to be this way. I really do my attack, he casts Magma Trap, I cast Cleanse, Magma Trap bug goes off and stuns.Several moves later, I really do my attack, he casts Magma Trap bug, I cast Cleanse, Magma Trap chimes and just does damage.

The stun misses as they had cast arcane winds prior. Can someone independently make sure casting Cleanse on Magma Trap causes it to look off? Places a magma trap onto the floor. Opponents have a very possibility to trigger the trap whenever they attack. In the event the opponent triggers the trap, they’re going to take 394 Elemental damage and stay can not attack for 1 round.There’s no reason it should set off from tidal wave magma wave , death grip. the waves are suppposed to take out objects in the battlefield not bring them on. besides some low powerd dots thats the one ability which has a 100% possiblity to damage each of your pets. with the small exception of the rare occurance which you have a rabbit or similar and vanish first turn without one going off then it going over next turn. thats impossible.wyntbp07h

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