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During the conference of Sony, the International, also known as CES 2014, for the acronym in English Electronics Show Consumer Affairs, unveiled figures on performance on the globe industry for the very last console company also give news for the integration of their products.PlayStation 4, in line with data offered by the organization president, sold until 28 December on the previous year, 4.two million units worldwide. This figure is near the target with the Japanese company for your fiscal closure is 31 March in 2010 and 5 million consoles sold in the markets where it is distributed.

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However, to offer figures for games sold, they talked about 9.7 million units shipped for the PS4, so an equilibrium of 2 titles by each user is done. Some of the best selling games are Cheap FIFA 16 Coins, Cod: Ghosts and Asssassin’s Creed IV: Pirate flag .Also there were talk of subscriptions to PS plus the digital download platform this console, making sure they’ve already increased by 90 % the records on their servers, however you should be aware that to learn on the web is required to be registered.

Also, what is this great was that by mid this coming year users PS4 should be able to utilize PlayStation now , a service streaming , which permits you to download games, updates plus much more, which might be in the cloud. With this space, users can play on other devices including smartphones, TVs generation older consoles, handheld devices and tablets.Thus, introducing this new system streaming , during which users can begin to play through their cellular devices, almost like they are home, Sony integrates its catalog of technology products, according to data provided, could be about 70 million associated with their servers in the us daily.

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The technology would operate the Sony PlayStation now could be called Gaikai , put together by a small company focused on streaming video games, famous in 2011 through the Sims 3 cellular phones. Tag heuer was acquired 1 year ago because of the tech giant, in business that rodeo 380 million. This platform uses the ‘cloud gaming’ games in the cloud, that permits transmission of content via streaming, thus, offer the cheapest FIFA 16 coins online with Safe payment ,the information will not operated with device that appears or plays, but over a server is usually on another Instead, by bouncing the recording game or shaped mirror.As planned, this system will be running first in the United States online bandwidth you have there which is intended that according to the link requirements far away, begins deploying all over the world. fgi4tmf

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