Broadcasters soon showed top speed camera image and changed into the animation

Brazil Football Museum Museum in World Cup history, the 1966 World Cup final against Yingde door line mystery since the world cup themed. The past World Cup using the Yingde war, the birth of Lampard case prompted FIFA determined innovation. Inside subsequent two season UEFA carried out the final outcome the referee, but Cheap FIFA 16 Coins eventually core launched a higher technological content of goal line technology. Goal line technology finally result in the mare go the globe cup with Germany’s Goal Control technology, using 14 cameras (each 7 aligned having a goal) to accurately measure perhaps the blow out of the water the goal line, the ball is implanted chip. In the event the ball has crossed the cloths line, the referee wears smart watch will receive vibration informing goal, vibration of this information and the linesman flagged some similar.

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As well your camera photographs into a powerful computer, computer recognition of ball movement, player, referee and ignore other object as well, thus creating a ball is a line of animation. Each course installation door line system costs £ 170000, every game is essential just for this system to repay 2500 pounds. So as not to generate major mistakes really World Cup replay, FIFA think this investment is totally worth. The initial few games around the globe cup, goal line technology have not only play, Australian defender Wilkinson out on the line to move Vargas is challenging to judge the question. Until the French and Honduras war, goal line technology was able to flex its muscles.

Forty-eighth minutes from the game, Benzema shot, hit the ball towards the far post, in the front back striking the Honduras goalkeeper tile LADA Lester body rebound door, be tile LADA LES to obtain back at risk. Brazil referee Ricci apparently through smart watch got timely feedback, the very first time decide goal, the goal isn’t to look for the original Benzema confidently begun to celebrate, this goal also therefore gets the epoch-making significance. Broadcasters soon showed top speed camera image and changed into the animation, the electro-optical flint moment is tough by the unaided eye, or even watching the slow motion replay is difficult to present the ball is just too accurate judging line, high-tech shows excellent strength right now.

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The earth cup of 1966 century door line mystery case in Yingde inside final, England player Hearst in extra time goal Pinball door beam hitting, the linesman decided the goal, nevertheless the ball really crossed the line, until recently there is no accurate conclusion. 1986 line cases in Brazil 1 than 0 beat Spain in the group stage, the Michel forbidden area volley, the ball is hit flew your bomb within the beam, replays showed the ball has crossed the cloths line, , nevertheless the referee was awarded a corner. 2010 Lampard case 1/8 final Germany more(a) 4 to a single victory over England, Lampard’s goal was disallowed to be a corner hanging around, the ball hit the crossbar rebound in another bomb fly, the playback quality shows the ball provides the whole line.  6t9dfje

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