If the coach discharged three midfield formation

Bogba recently accepted the French RMC radio exclusive interview. During the interview, he mentioned cheapest fifa coins PS4  his dream of the Golden Globe, “I really dream of one day get the Golden Globe, but I will not put it in the mouth, I will try to achieve it”.

fifa-vs-pesHe also talked about the relationship with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, “he is a mentor, gave me too much free space”; he also believes that Ibrahimovic as the team leader in the same big brother to help and support him, “he is A natural leader. ”

Q: Do you think the last few weeks time, Manchester United’s status has changed?

Bogba: Yes, I am very involved in the training, the team’s performance is getting better and better, we gradually recovered the initiative of the game. I need more warm-up training, my current physical condition is good, but I will not relax on their own requirements.

Q: Manchester United, you and Herrera, Carrick, the interface between the more natural and skilled.

Borgba: Yes, we do. Whenever Michael (Carrick) in the field, I can safely forward to attack, because he will support me behind me. Andre (Herrera) is also often in my side, the three of us with a very understanding.

Q: Do you think your best position on the court is?

Bogba: I enjoy the feeling of playing football, I want to say is that I think all the positions on the court are very suitable for me! Back to Manchester feel great, but we all want me to enter more balls, because we tend to see your worth, and then think you only have more goals, more assists in order to be worth such a worth.

I am now in the midfield of the main task is not a goal, but become more important, in order to benefit the team. A striker’s goal, of course, is to score as many goals as possible. A midfield task, may no longer be a goal. Of course, if he can score, it is undoubtedly icing on the cake.

All I have to do now is to work harder to make myself more threatening in the midfield, so I will not go as far as the cheap fifa 17 coins striker. If the coach discharged three midfield formation, then I may be more aggressive, I will be more involved in the attack.

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